The Cosmopolitan island with the chilled attitude

How to get there

  • By plane directly from major European cities
  • From Athens either by domestic flight (40 min), or by boat (3 hours) or by helicopter (35min)



Celebrities have been allured by the distinctive vibes and nature of Mykonos over the past few years, and it is now one of the trendiest places to be. With the endless sunshine, the stunning beaches, the crystal clear turquoise waters, the luxurious services and upscale facilities, Mykonos is the ultimate summer destination!


Get ready to be seduced by award-winning restaurants, state of the art yachts, exquisite villas, 5 star service and myths of the past.

Whether you’re looking for wild beach parties or wish to escape the mayhem in secluded villages, cosmopolitan Mykonos has everything for everyone. With 25 mesmerizing beaches scattered around the island, numerous picturesque pedestrian streets adorned with bougainvillea’s and picture perfect restaurants and boutiques, one thing is certain: Your holidays in Mykonos can be as mellow or as high strung as you wish.

The land of Legends

Mykonos is the passage to the sacred island of Delos, the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis and a gateway to legends and mythical stories. As soon as you step your foot on the sacred ground of the island you can sense history whispering softly in your ears. But it’s not just mythical legends that make Mykonos legendary. The island has always been and will always be a star magnet. Since the 50’s when Aristotle Onassis, Maria Callas, Grace Kelly and numerous other legendary names picked the high strung island as their getaway and ever since it has been a hotspot for international celebrities and jetsetters.

Mykonos is an island filled with unique and exceptional experiences, together we’ll explore every possible combination to create your ideal vacation.

villas on destination

Villas in Mykonos

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