The Island of Miracles

How to get there

  • By plane to Mykonos (directly from major European cities) and from there by boat (20 min) or by helicopter (7 min)
  • By plane to Athens and from there either by boat (3 hours) or by helicopter 40 min


A mystical island, with rocks eroded by the wind, beaches with deep blue water, Cycladic villages climb up the hillsides and visitors find themselves in awe. This is Tinos. 

Mostly known for its religious side, Tinos is a hidden gem amongst world travelers. From the island villages that decorate the island’s slopes and valleys, to the traditional squares, the skylights even the fountains where you’ll cool off with a drink of water, Tinos is the epitome of hospitality. 

A new gourmet destination

Tinos has decided to bewitch its visitors with hidden gourmet gems. Known for the warm hospitality, tasty delicacies and big local smiles, Tinos has emerged as a new gourmet destination. With a variety of food, wine and cheese festivals, the locals have decided to showcase the abundance of local products from the famous artichokes to the sundried tomatoes on thing is certain. Tinos will leave you wanting more. 

Together we will create a mystical, unforgettable experience that will remain forever in your memories.

Villas in Tinos