Do you prefer to be called a foodie, a gastronomer, a connoisseur or a gourmet? Either way, the point is that you love food. We understand. That's why we are ready to take your palate to the most extraordinary journey to the world of haute gastronomie.

From a proper private wine tasting at a local vineyard to a special theme dinner from your private chef, we got you covered.


During your stay at your Bespokers Villa, exquisite food experiences await. Here's... a taste of what we could offer you upon request:

  • Private Chef

Why not get the most out of your every single meal? We collaborate with acclaimed chefs that can set up the most amazing culinary experience just for you.

  • Tailor-made menus

Our top-notch chefs will be happy to create a personalised menu based on your favourite flavors and ingredients.

  • Theme Dinners

Every day at your villa is special. So, why not celebrate with a special gastronomic event? Ethnic cuisine, BBQ party, you name it and we make it.

  • Event Catering

Whether you are planning a small gathering or a glamorous gala, we'll be there to plan it together to impress every single guest.


We don't want to stop here. When it comes to bespoke services, sky's the limit, so you can share everything that comes to your mind and we'll do our best to make it come true. So, if you're up for a foodie tour in the streets of the Greek islands or a cooking lesson of the traditional cuisine, just drop us a line.