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From Athens by domestic flight (40 min)


Our list begins with the breathtaking beaches and incredible local cuisine, accompanied by a fascinating history and deep appreciation for tradition!

Dive into the unspoiled mountain villages, where the warm and proud Cretans welcome you. Explore a treasure trove of historical monuments, captivating sites, and picturesque landscapes.

Plus, easily combine your visit with breathtaking Santorini and lively Mykonos. Experience the magic that awaits in this enchanting destination.


A mystical, warm and welcoming island, with a vivacious spirit, a heartwarming embrace, rich history and culture and sublime cuisine. This is the island of Crete.

Welcome to Crete, a destination with a deeply rooted Greek soul that resonates throughout its fascinating towns and picturesque locales. From the vibrant city of Heraklion to the historic charm of Rethymnon, Chania, Agios Nikolaos, Elounda, Ierapetra, Malia, Hersonissos, Sitia, and Sfakia, each town exudes a proud sense of heritage and a deep love for tradition. The residents of these towns are passionate about their culture, radiating the island's rich history and preserving its authentic charm.

Prepare yourself for a fabulous culinary experience as Crete is renowned for its authentic products and mouthwatering dishes. From internationally awarded olive oils and unique dairy products and cheeses to succulent meats and indigenously cultivated fruits and vegetables, the island is a paradise for food and gourmet lovers. Delight in the flavors of Crete as you indulge in traditional dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients. Explore the island's vineyards and savor the original wines and aperitifs that showcase the region's viticultural prowess.

Crete is a haven for history enthusiasts, boasting some of the most important archaeological excavations in Greece. Journey back in time as you explore the Minoan Palace in Knossos, a magnificent testament to the island's ancient civilization. Marvel at the imposing 15th-century klosters (monasteries) and discover the architectural wonders of Venetian and Byzantine towers that dot the landscape. Immerse yourself in the island's rich cultural heritage through its fascinating museums, which house a diverse collection of artifacts and artworks that showcase Crete's remarkable past.

The endless shores of Crete host a collection of magical beaches, offering a multifaceted summer ambiance that is unparalleled. Whether you seek the enchanting beauty of Falasarna, renowned as one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, or the exotic allure of Elafonissos with its pink-hued sands, each beach presents a unique and captivating experience. Escape to the palm tree haven of Vai, where golden sand dunes beckon you to relax and soak up the Mediterranean sun. Crete's beaches offer the perfect setting for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.

Crete is an all-year-round destination, thanks to its mild climate that embraces visitors with its gentle warmth. This island offers endless possibilities to indulge in your passions, whether it's bird watching in stunning natural habitats, embarking on exhilarating treks through scenic landscapes, participating in rejuvenating yoga retreats, or setting sail on unforgettable sailing trips. Crete caters to every desire and is ideal for couples seeking romance, solo travelers in search of personal growth, and families looking to create lasting memories.

Crete, with its rich history, remarkable cuisine, cultural attractions, and breathtaking beaches, invites you to embark on a journey of luxury and discovery. Let the island's vibrant spirit captivate your senses as you explore its diverse landscapes and immerse yourself in its authentic charm. 

Crete will bewitch you and as some say it takes a life time to really explore this unique island. Together we will explore, unravel and discover everything your heart desires and we will ensure an unforgettable holiday experience.


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