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From Athens by domestic flight (1 hour)


Welcome to Rhodes, an island located in the Aegean Sea off the coast of Greece. This stunning Mediterranean isle has been a destination for luxury travelers since ancient times, and today it’s just as popular as ever. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventure, cultural exploration, or just a relaxing getaway, Rhodes has something for everyone. 

Rhodes is full of activities and adventures perfect for luxury travelers. From sailing trips to historical sites, there are plenty of ways to explore this beautiful island and its many attractions. On land, take a hike along the historic Acropolis of Lindos or explore the ruins of Kamiros. Spend time strolling through the streets of the picturesque Old Town or take a jeep tour through some off-the-beaten-path villages. Kayaking is another great way to get up close with Rhodes’ stunning coastline and check out some secluded beaches—many of which can only be reached by boat or on foot. 

When it comes to dining in Rhodes, there’s no shortage of options—from traditional Greek tavernas to chic restaurants with stunning views from their terraces. For an unforgettable experience, grab lunch at one of the island’s many seaside eateries and enjoy fresh seafood dishes like grilled octopus and swordfish skewers with local Greek wines while taking in panoramic views across the Aegean Sea. If you’re looking for something more traditional, savor authentic Greek dishes like moussaka and tzatziki at hole-in-the-wall tavernas located throughout Old Town or try some delicious street food like souvlaki from vendors that dot the city streets. In addition to its amazing local cuisine, you can also find international flavors in restaurants such as Japanese sushi bars or Italian trattorie. 

From classical music concerts held in ancient churches to art galleries featuring local artists' works, there’s no shortage of culture and entertainment on Rhodes either! Take a guided tour around Old Town where you can learn more about its wonderful history and architecture before attending a traditional dance show at one of the island’s many amphitheaters—a must do experience when visiting this part of Greece! Afterwards head over to The Palace of The Grand Master where you can discover artifacts dating back thousands of years or visit nearby Kallithea where natural springs provide a special setting for nightlife parties during summer months—a great spot for people watching over drinks! 

So if you’re looking for a luxurious holiday escape filled with plenty of activities both on land and sea plus lots of cultural exploration opportunities then look no further than Rhodes! With its breathtaking scenery and myriad attractions ranging from historical sites to modern entertainment venues, this Mediterranean paradise is sure to make your stay truly unforgettable.

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